Meet Nicola Kruger

Meetings and Incentives | Project Manager 


I was born and raised in Paarl, a small town located close to Cape Town, in the heart of the Winelands.

After completing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Stellenbosch, I packed my bags and set off for South America. A three month trip turned into a journey of almost 3 years, during which I not only gained experience in the travel and hospitality industry, but also learned to speak Spanish. I moved back home in 2010 for a contract with an Argentinean company during the FIFA Soccer World Cup, and joined Terra Nova later that year after accepting a position in their Spanish Market.

I love working in operations – I thrive in the fast paced environment, and I get a thrill from solving problems and finding creative solutions. The best part about my job is that I get to showcase our beautiful continent to people from across the globe. I am exceptionally proud of being South African; I really love my country and make it my personal objective to ensure that when people leave here, they feel that same love.