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Individual Travel 


It is sheer passion that drives every member of the Terra Nova Team to create unique and exciting journeys through Southern Africa for our clients. All of our consultants are also keen travellers, so we really understand what is necessary to ensure an unforgettable trip. After many years’ experience, we know all the little secrets of our destinations which we are happy to share with you in order to experience “our” Africa diverse cultures and landscapes. We have a range of exciting itineraries to share with you from romantic honeymoons, to extreme adventure, special family getaways and high-end luxury escapes.


On arrival you will be met by one of our team members and provided with detailed travel documents containing all the necessary information; maps, driving instructions, vouchers and other details. For the duration of your trip, we will ensure things run smoothly – we do daily checks with suppliers and hotels to ensure that they are ready to receive you. In addition, we provide you with an emergency number that you can contact us on 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves in taking take very good care of our clients.