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Namibia is synonymous with spectacular scenery. The vast landscapes, the open roads, the different tones of red in the dunes, the lush green of the Caprivi, the ‘moonlandscape’ of the Damaraland and the unspoiled coastline all offer incredible photographic opportunities.  Natural wonders like the Fish River Canyon and the wildlife utopia of Etosha National park captivate, but Namibia is probably best known for the magical, solitary desert roads that run seemingly forever, and lead to red dunes and might slabs of granite that rise from the earth.


Namibia is also adventure capital, quad biking and dune surfing, sky diving, hot air balloons, hikes, 4 x 4 excursions and safaris are amongst the many offerings for visitors to the country. The winding roads are easy to navigate and very scenic, making it the perfect self-drive destination. Alternatively, you can fly your way across the country in small fixed wing aircrafts, hopping from one destination to the next. Seeing the landscape from the air really puts the vastness of Namibia in perspective. 


Ideal to combine with


Namibia is a fantastic stand-alone destination, and if you are doing a self-drive itinerary you will need at least 10 days to cover the major attractions.  However, combining the desert (and Swakopmund) with Victoria Falls or with a Botswana itinerary is becoming increasingly popular.


Our top experiences


Sossusvlei / Namib Naukluft | Etosha National Park | Fish River Canyon | Swakopmund | The Skeleton Coast | The Himba and the Herero




December to March: some days will be humid and rain may follow, often in localised, afternoon thunderstorms.

April & May: Lovely months in Namibia, you will find greenery in the landscape, the air is clear and there are not yet many tourists around

June to August: Namibia cools down and dries out more; nights can become cold in some desert areas. This is popular high season for tourists and booking in advance is essential.

September – October: The weather starts warming up again, and whilst dusty and not so vibrant in colour, the game viewing is at its best.