The Namibia Team


Tatjana Will

Sales Consultant Leisure Travel


I am proudly Namibian, born in Otjiwarongo and raised on a farm near Otavi. I love bringing Namibia closer to people as a dream holiday destination and am especially passionate about the remote region of Kaokoland in the north-west where guests can learn more about the Himba people. I look forward to welcoming you to Namibia very soon. 



Tatiana Malewski

Sales Consultant Leisure Travel


Our family holidays were often spent travelling to different parts of the country like the Etosha National Park and the NamibRand Nature Reserve which still remain some of my favorite destinations. I have wonderful memories of playing in the red dune sand with my family and watching incredible sunsets. This area also offers wonderful photographic opportunities. 



Liesel Wild

Project Manager Namibia


My career in tourism started at the Ministry of Environment & Tourism for Namibia and then became Head of the Namibia Tourism Board in South Africa. Keeping the destination close to my heart, I joined Terra Nova to turn someone’s travel dreams into a reality, so that they can too experience Namibia’s vast, open landscapes with expansive vistas, discovering intriguing places, cultures, wildlife and nature! The southern part of Namibia, mainly Aus region, is one of my favourite spots. This is truly the land of open spaces and this is where I can lose myself in the mesmerising scenery of this untouched beauty. Here I can sit in solitude and observe the wild horses of the Namib.



Anqelique Voigts

Sales Consultant Leisure Travel


For me the most attractive aspect of tourism is promoting Namibia with its vast landscapes and interesting cultures and creating wonderful dream holidays! My favorite part of Namibia is Sossusvlei, I just love the wide-open spaces and the calmness of the area. The colors of the scenery are breathtaking, especially at sunset and sunrise.




Silke Wiedenroth

Groups Consultant


I was born and raised in Namibia and finished school in Swakopmund. I had the opportunity to live in Germany for 2 years after which I moved to Windhoek and started my journey in the tourism industry. Growing up in Namibia has been an absolute privilege and now being able to sell our beautiful country gives me great joy. My favorite place in Namibia is the Caprivi. Every time I go there I get excited all over again not knowing what amazing experiences to expect this time around.




Tulina Malua

Junior Sales Consultant Leisure Travel


I was born in Oshakati in northern Namibia and is where I grew up before moving to Windhoek. My favourite part of this extraordinary country is the Etosha National Park. I really enjoy the game viewing experience and can sit for hours at a water hole watching the animals come down to drink.


Desiree Grosse-Weischede

Leisure Travel Team Lead


I just love creating dream holidays! My favorite destination in Namibia is Damaraland, specifically Uis. Uis offers the perfect sundowner spots with beautiful views of the massive Brandberg.  For me there is nothing more rewarding than travelling in these remote wilderness areas. It gives me a sense of freedom and contentness and the vastness humbles you in a way that I find difficult to explain.  I hope to share my country with you, I promise if your feet touch Namibia you will always have a piece of Namibia in your heart.



Laura Garny

Sales Consultant Leisure Travel


I’m originally from Windhoek but I finished my school in the Northern parts of Namibia in a small town called Rundu. As a family we would go on camping trips throughout Namibia. This is where I found my passion for tourism and eagerness to share the beauty of this amazing country with everyone. My favourite area is the magical Kaokoland. The combination of the vast landscape and cultural richness makes this region just fascinating!


Eben Wessels

Accounts Assistant


I am a born and bred Namibian and a proud ambassador of this country with so much to offer visitors.  One of my favorite places is the coastal town of Swakopmund. The combination of coast and dunes is magnificent with plenty to do for all, from sea excursions to dune explorations. Here you will have a chance to view some of the smallest and most interesting desert animals. 




Zaheerah Sampson

FIT Administration


I’ve been working in the travel industry for over 15 years and still enjoy every moment, meeting new people and getting the opportunity to travel. Even though I am a proud Capetonian, my favourite destination in Southern Africa is hands down Namibia—the land of open spaces! This country holds so many extraordinary places, making it hard for me to choose which is my favourite. The Fish River Canyon with its unparallel views is one of the spots that takes my breath away.